About Us

We empower entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Our Mission

Robust Marketing is an innovative digital marketing agency with a mission to bring corporate digital marketing strategies to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We achieve our mission by offering valuable marketing services and educational content.

Our Vision

To be an innovative, strategic digital marketing agency that empowers entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Our Core Values

Our Clients

We offer friendly customer service, honest feedback, flexible meeting times, and insightful communication. We empower our clients to have a deeper understanding of marketing best practices.

Our Team

Our team thrives on trust, collaboration, and empowerment. In our collaborative environment, we show respect for each other, value our individual strengths, and share feedback and ideas freely. We invest in the development of our team members with ongoing training and growth opportunities.

Research & Data

We use research-based strategies and data-driven decisions to deliver the best results possible for our clients.


We use goal-based strategies to yield the highest ROI possible for our clients.


We are professional digital marketing students! We challenge ourselves to discover new ways to enhance our strategies and stay current on industry trends, changes, and best practices.


We arrive every day with passion. We simply love what we do to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and thrive!

Raven Williams MPA,
Owner & Founder

Meet Our Owner

Raven is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and Paid Advertising Analyst with over 10 years of experience. She earned both her BS in Political Science and MPA in Nonprofit Management from the University of Louisville

Before starting RBM, she worked as an analyst for corporations where she managed advertising budgets up to $90K. Today, Raven ranks in the top 5% out of 206K people who took the Google Search skills assessment on LinkedIn.

During her corporate career, Raven’s strategic planning skills allowed her to drive results in the luxury automotive, online education, housing, technology, and agricultural industries.

Some of her most notable results include:

    • Driving conversions up by 150% for an online certification program,
    • Growing the quarterly profit margin by 30% for a technology company,
    • And generating 60% more quarterly leads for a luxury automotive dealer.

She specializes in:

    • Marketing Planning & Strategy
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    • Social Media Advertising


Our Experience

We have delivered results across the following industries:





Luxury Automotive



Book Publishing

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